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ABB ONE20M4Y 4 ONE20 enclosed switch1SCA135540R1001

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ABB has a wide portfolio of low voltage switches. They are suitable for diverse applications, in motor control centers, in switch boards and as main switches in various equipments and machines. From single to 8 poles and combination switches for change-over, automatic transfer, bypass, reversing etc.

ABB Enclosed Switch Price ABB Enclosed Switch catalogue ABB ONE20

Enclosed switches for residential and commercial installations. ONE20 Switches can be used as main switches or for local isolation in various applications, such as HVAC, residential water pumps and heat pumps or commercial lighting. High quality ABB is a synonym of quality: each ONE20 switch is tested and approved at the factory. The enclosures are made of durable materials with high UV resistance, which makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Reduced installation time Compression glands are included in the delivery. They can be easily installed on the threaded knock-out cable entry. Simple and modern design The enclosure is compact and has the same size for 2, 3 and 4 pole types. ONE20 is available in three colors. Maximized safety The handle can be padlocked in the OFF position with up to three padlocks and in ON position with one padlock. Features • Available in 2-, 3- and 4- pole versions • Thermal current (Ith) 20A • Color options: light grey, dark grey, red-yellow • Weather proof enclosure due to high IP class (IP67) and • UV resistant material

ABB Enclosed Switch Price ABB Enclosed Switch catalogue ABB ONE20

Switch disconnectors 16 – 4000 A The switch disconnector is largely used as the main switch in low voltage switchgears for distribution of power, starting and stopping motors and isolating loads during maintenance. The range from 16 to 125 Amps are either base plate or door mounted by snap-on or screw fitting front operated 3, 4, 6 and 8-pole are available as standard. From 160 to 4000 Amps the switch disconnectors, also called load break switches, are designed as pole modules and they are available as 1, 2, 3 and 4-pole versions, front or side operated. Switch disconnectors OTDC and OTDCP 10 – 1600 A The OTDC range of switch-disconnectors is specially designed for DC applications. Thanks to a compact design, efficiency and reliability, OTDC switches bring photovoltaic installations to the next level. Switch disconnector fuses 16 – 1250A The switch disconnector fuse is used as the main switch in low voltage switchgears in industry for distributing power and protecting motors, cables and other devices against short circuits and over loads. The switch disconnector fuses are available for all types of fuse links, DIN, BS, NFC, UL, CSA. The range includes single pole to four pole versions, front-or side-operated. The pole module design enables location of the operating mechanism in any position together with the direction of the terminals giving flexibility to installation in different types of cubicle designs. ABB Enclosed Switch Price ABB Enclosed Switch catalogue ABB ONE20 Change-over and transfer switches 16 – 3200 A ABB’s change-over and transfer switches are designed to transfer loads from one power source to another in a wide variety of applications. The range includes switches from 16 to 3200 Amperes, which can be operated manually, remotely by using a motor or automatically. ABB’s change-over and transfer switches are tested according to IEC 60947-6-1 and IEC 60947-3 standards. The switches have ratings in AC31 and AC33 utilization categories, up to 415 V. In motorized switches, the motor operators have a wide voltage operation range. Enclosed switches 16 – 1600 A

ABB Enclosed Switch Price ABB Enclosed Switch catalogue ABB ONE20

The ABB enclosed switches are suitable for power distribution in factories and buildings, as local motor isolators and as main switches. Each incoming supply shall be provided with a hand operated main switch-disconnector according to the Machine Directive EN 60204 and isolate reliably the electrical equipment from the supply. ABB enclosed switches are designed and tested to meet these requirements and complies with IEC 60 947-3. The enclosed switches are easy to install and safe to use in industrial, public and residential environments. The indication of the handle is always reliable and lockable in the OFF-position with a standard padlock. ABB’s long experience in switch disconnects guarantees a long and safe use. Auto Transfer Switches 40-4000 A Technologies for external environment Complete range 40-4000 A. ABB offers a wide selection of automatic transfer switches (ATS). They have the features and functionality that make them suitable for diverse applications ABB Enclosed Switch Price ABB Enclosed Switch catalogue ABB ONE20 A fully optimized range of two-pole DC switch-disconnectors for 1500V utility-scale photovoltaic power plants covering 315-800A current range. The new design offers both a size reduction and an increase in efficiency and performances, helping manufacturers to adapt quickly to the industry’s rapid adoption of 1500V DC solutions. A switch range that allows manufacturers and utilities to improve their systems efficiency, lowering power losses and reducing the size of combiner boxes, enclosures and inverters. ABB Enclosed Switch Price ABB Enclosed Switch catalogue ABB ONE20 General Information Extended Product Type:ONE20M2W Product ID:1SCA138456R1001 EAN:6417019667560 Catalog Description:ONE20M2W Enclosed Switch Disconnector Long Description:The plastic enclosed switch disconnector, is well suited for commersial and residential use. There are 3 color alternatives available, red/yellow, dark grey, and white. Typical applications could be fans, pumps, kitchen appliancies etc. The product withstand water and rain, acc. to class IP67, and is well suited for indoor and outdoor us. The plastic is UV protected. Two cable glands are included in the delivery. The terminals are easily available, thanks to the enclosure design and the removable switch. PE terminal included. ABB Enclosed Switch Price ABB Enclosed Switch catalogue ABB ONE20 inimum Order Quantity:10 piece Customs Tariff Number:85363030 Country of Origin:Finland (FI) Popular Downloads Data Sheet, Technical Information:1SCC340015C0201 Instructions and Manuals:1SCC390135M0204 Mechanical Drawings:ONE926584RM20 Dimensions Product Net Width:65 mm Product Net Height:92 mm Product Net Depth / Length:84 mm Product Net Weight:0.11 kg Technical Rated Operational Current AC-22A (Ie):(230 V) Single Phase 20 A Rated Operational Current AC-23A (Ie):(230 V) Single Phase 15.2 A Rated Operational Power AC-23A (Pe):(230 V) Single Phase 2.6 kW Conventional Thermal Current (Ithe):Fully Enclosed 20 A Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Uimp):4 kV Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui):acc. to IEC/EN 60664-1 690 V Handle Color:White Handle Type:Round handle Standards:IEC 60947-1, -3 Number of Poles:2 Connecting Capacity Main Circuit:Screw Clamp 0.75 ... 4 mm² Screw Clamp / PE Terminal 1pc, 0.75 ... 4 mm² Cable Cross-Section:0.75 ... 4 mm² Cable Entry Position:Up/Down Cable Outlets Per Side:2xM20 / 2xM20 Degree of Protection:acc. to IEC 60529 IP67 Impact Resistance Rating:Housing IK09 Enclosure Material:Plastic Mounted Auxiliary Contacts:0 NO, 0 NC Number of Auxiliary Contacts NC:0 Number of Auxiliary Contacts NO:0 ABB Enclosed Switch Price ABB Enclosed Switch catalogue ABB ONE20 Package Level 1 Units:box 1 piece Package Level 1 Width:85 mm Package Level 1 Depth / Length:103 mm Package Level 1 Height:66 mm Package Level 1 Gross Weight:0.15 kg Package Level 1 EAN:6417019667560 Classifications Object Classification Code:Q ETIM 5:EC000216 - Switch disconnector ETIM 6:EC000216 - Switch disconnector ETIM 7:EC000216 - Switch disconnector ETIM 8:EC000216 - Switch disconnector WEEE Category:5. Small Equipment (No External Dimension More Than 50 cm)

ABB Enclosed Switch Price ABB Enclosed Switch catalogue ABB ONE20
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Frame Type Enclosed switches
Type ONE20 enclosed switch
Frame Size ONE20M4Y
Voltage Class 380-415 V
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