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ABB ZLBMZLBM3-1P-M12Fusegear switches1SEP620013R1000

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ABB has a wide portfolio of low voltage switches. They are suitable for diverse applications, in motor control centers, in switch boards and as main switches in various equipments and machines. From single to 8 poles and combination switches for change-over, automatic transfer, bypass, reversing etc. Switch disconnectors 16 – 4000 A The switch disconnector is largely used as the main switch in low voltage switchgears for distribution of power, starting and stopping motors and isolating loads during maintenance. The range from 16 to 125 Amps are either base plate or door mounted by snap-on or screw fitting front operated 3, 4, 6 and 8-pole are available as standard. From 160 to 4000 Amps the switch disconnectors, also called load break switches, are designed as pole modules and they are available as 1, 2, 3 and 4-pole versions, front or side operated.

ABB Switches Price ZLBM ABB Fusegear Switches ABB ZLBM

Switch disconnector fuses 16 – 1250A The switch disconnector fuse is used as the main switch in low voltage switchgears in industry for distributing power and protecting motors, cables and other devices against short circuits and over loads. The switch disconnector fuses are available for all types of fuse links, DIN, BS, NFC, UL, CSA. The range includes single pole to four pole versions, front-or side-operated. The pole module design enables location of the operating mechanism in any position together with the direction of the terminals giving flexibility to installation in different types of cubicle designs.

ABB Switches Price ZLBM ABB Fusegear Switches ABB ZLBM

Change-over and transfer switches 16 – 3200 A ABB’s change-over and transfer switches are designed to transfer loads from one power source to another in a wide variety of applications. The range includes switches from 16 to 3200 Amperes, which can be operated manually, remotely by using a motor or automatically. ABB’s change-over and transfer switches are tested according to IEC 60947-6-1 and IEC 60947-3 standards. The switches have ratings in AC31 and AC33 utilization categories, up to 415 V. In motorized switches, the motor operators have a wide voltage operation range. Enclosed switches 16 – 1600 A The ABB enclosed switches are suitable for power distribution in factories and buildings, as local motor isolators and as main switches. Each incoming supply shall be provided with a hand operated main switch-disconnector according to the Machine Directive EN 60204 and isolate reliably the electrical equipment from the supply. ABB enclosed switches are designed and tested to meet these requirements and complies with IEC 60 947-3. The enclosed switches are easy to install and safe to use in industrial, public and residential environments. The indication of the handle is always reliable and lockable in the OFF-position with a standard padlock. ABB’s long experience in switch disconnects guarantees a long and safe use. ABB Switches Price ZLBM ABB Fusegear Switches ABB ZLBM All units are applicable for AC voltage, and the 1-pole and 2-pole range are also rated for DC voltage. In addition to be used as single apparatus, the 3-pole range from size 00 to size 3 (160A - 630A) are also designed to be used in distribution systems by use of a busbar adapter for easy installation. The Busbar adapters are available for 40 mm, and 60 mm distance in-between centre of the phases for each busbar systems. The whole EasyLine range got a sturdy, uniform design that is operator friendly and safe with IP 30 from front in closed position and IP 20 in open position. EasyLine Fuse Switch Disconnectors are developed and type tested according to IEC60947-3 and based on a long history, going back to 1958 when we successfully introduced the manually dependent operated LHB. ABB Switches Price ZLBM ABB Fusegear Switches ABB ZLBM Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Current: 40kA Rated Short-Time Withstand Current: 40kA Duration Of Short-Circuit: 3s Short-Circuit Making Current: 100kA Rated Operation Sequence: O-0.3s-CO-15s-CO

ABB Switches Price ZLBM ABB Fusegear Switches ABB ZLBM

Features l All the XLP cable terminals can be delivered with integrated bolts for cable lugs or with integrated bridge clamps (BC) for easy direct cable connection l Typetested according to EN60947-3 l Easy to recycle/EN14001 standards l Quick-make operation device l Integrated IP20 cable termination l IP30 degree of protection from the front l Replacement compatible to similar types in the market l Voltage measuring from the front l V-0 plastic materials ABB Switches Price ZLBM ABB Fusegear Switches ABB ZLBM Advantages l Easy to install l Easy to operate l Sturdy design l High personal safety l Wide range of cable terminals and snap-on accessories l Compact, add-on Electronic Fuse Monitoring (EFM) l Busbar adapters Applications l UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply, used for the power supply for computer/servers, storage devices, communication network systems, industry control systems, etc. l Telecom power supplies l General protection in smaller distribution panels using 1-pole or 2-pole configurations AC or DC ABB Switches Price ZLBM ABB Fusegear Switches ABB ZLBM Features l Available as 160A, 250A, 400A, 630A, 800 and 1250A types in combination with NH/DIN HRC Fuse Links acc. to EN/IEC 60269 l Type tested in accordance to EN/IEC 60947-3 l 1 - pole and 3 - pole variants l For vertical and horizontal installations l Designed for 185 mm busbar distance l IP30 degree of protection from the front – Padlocking in open and closed position at the 3 - pole version – Padlocking in closed position at the 1 - pole version l Park position with possible padlocking at the 1 - pole type l Sealing solutions l Wide range of accessories and cable terminal connections l Compatible dimensions to equivalent products in the market ABB Switches Price ZLBM ABB Fusegear Switches ABB ZLBM Advantages l High level of personal safety by: – Safe and reliable operation ON/OFF – Safe and simple replacement of the NH fuse links l Universal terminal bolts offering standing bolt or fixed nut for high flexibility of cable connections l Variants with integrated V-clamps l Available in two alternative depths (ZLBM/ZHBM), L-version (ZLBM) will save space in Cable Distribution Cabinets by offering reduced depth l Easy installation of current transformers in the H-version (ZHBM) l Variants with non corrosive steel materials (stainless steel) l Designed for intelligent communication to support a high level of stability in the power distribution network Applications l Cable Distribution Cabinets (CDC) l Low voltage distribution in compact secondary substations (CSS) l Distribution boards for industry, housing and office buildings l Installations ABB Switches Price ZLBM ABB Fusegear Switches ABB ZLBM General Information Extended Product Type:ZLBM00-1P-M8 Product ID:1SEP620010R1000 EAN:7025840088110 Catalog Description:ZLBM00-1P-M8 Fuse switch disconnector Long Description:ZLBM00-1P-M8 Fuse switch disconnector Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece Customs Tariff Number:85389099 Country of Origin:Bulgaria (BG) Popular Downloads Data Sheet, Technical Information:1SEC312023D0201 Dimensions Product Frame Size:Low Product Net Width:48.5 mm Product Net Height:662 mm Product Net Depth / Length:169 mm Product Net Weight:1.75 kg Technical Rated Operational Current AC-21B (Ie):(690 V) 125 A (500 V) 160 A (400 V) 160 A Rated Operational Current AC-22B (Ie):(400 V) 160 A (500 V) 160 A (1000 V) 125 A Rated Operational Current AC-23B (Ie):(400V) 160 A Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Uimp):Main Circuit 8 kV Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui):1000 V Rated Operational Voltage:Main Circuit 1000 V AC Handle Type:1P Distance Between Phases:185 mm Fuse Size:00 Fuse System:DIN Standards:IEC60947-3 Number of Poles:3 Degree of Protection:Front IP30 Terminal Type:Bolt Device Type Manager (DTM):Fuseswitchdisconnector Fuse Type:NH Electronic Fuse Monitoring:No

ABB Switches Price ZLBM ABB Fusegear Switches ABB ZLBM
More Information
Type ZLBM fusegear switch
Frame Size ZLBM3-1P-M12
Rated Current 630 A
Catalogue Download ABB ZLBM Fusegear Switches

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