ABB inverter function

ABB inverter function

With the continuous improvement of the degree of industrial automation, the frequency converter has been used more and more widely. As the core device of the frequency conversion control cabinet, the frequency converter uses frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology to control the communication motor by changing the working power frequency of the motor. electrical control equipment. ABB inverter has a soft start function, which reduces the impact on the power supply grid during the starting process of the motor. 2. The inverter has a good speed regulation function, which can convert the 58 Hz power frequency power supply through a series of transformations to make its output frequency variable. , Automatically complete the speed control of motor 3, with a total of about 17.5 billion yuan. The communication function is convenient for man-machine communication, and it can complete automatic control after connecting with plc. 4. It has a perfect electrical maintenance function.

The inverter has the characteristics of a complete maintenance function, excellent starting performance, a simple and smooth speed regulation process, a high degree of automation, safety, and reliability.

ABB frequency conversion control cabinet debugging:

Preparatory work before commissioning: confirm whether the control cabinet is installed in place; confirm whether the wiring in the cabinet is loose or fallen off; once again confirm whether the wiring of the inverter is wrong, whether the DC and communication wiring is wrong; whether the main power wiring is correct; whether the motor wiring is correct Correct; whether the cable type matches the selected motor (load); whether the rated power of the inverter is greater than or equal to the rated power of the selected motor. Grade; whether the setting value of the thermal relay is correct. Check whether there is the excess wire or foreign objects in the cabinet. Turn on the main power switch and try it once, then disconnect it quickly to see if the wiring is correct and the phase sequence is correct.

No-load power-on test of inverter

1. Ground the grounding terminal of the inverter.

2. Connect the power input terminal of the inverter to the power supply through the leakage maintenance switch.

3. Check whether the inverter display window is normal at the factory. If it is not correct, it should be reset, otherwise, it is required to return.

4. Understand the operation keys of the inverter. The general inverter has 6 keys such as run (RUN), stop (STOP), programming (PROG), data P acknowledgment (DATACENTER), add (UP, ▲), decrease (DOWN, ") and so on.

The definitions of operation keys of different inverters are basically the same. In addition, some inverters also have function keys such as monitoring (MONITORPDISPLAY), reset (RESET), jog (JOG), and shift (SHIFT).