ABB motor brand introduction

ABB motor brand introduction

The ABB motor is produced by ABB Group, which is an internationally renowned brand. The headquarters of ABB Group is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and was established in 1988. Its predecessor is Asea (Sweden) and Brown Boveri & Ci (Switzerland) two companies, of which Asea's history can be traced back to 1883.

ABB motor brand introduction

ABB motors are Swiss brands
ABB Group, a Swiss brand, is one of the world's top 500 companies and enjoys a good reputation the world. It has thousands of companies in more than 100 countries and involves many industries, such as manufacturing, processing, consumer goods, public utilities, oil, and gas, etc. Its China branch factory is located in Shanghai. Its two cores are power technology and automation technology. ABB has 23 branches, sales offices in China, and 27 joint ventures and wholly-owned companies, with more than 6,500 employees in China alone. The main business in China: a complete series of power transformers and distribution transformers, high, medium, and low voltage switches, electrical drive systems, and motors.

Word of mouth of Abb motors
As an international well-known brand, ABB has a good reputation both at home and abroad. At present, it has a high market share in the world, and its reputation is one of its advantages. The abb motor is a large motor, and it is usually customized. The only fly in the ointment is that it is expensive because of its brand effect, which is twice as expensive as the ordinary motor. It has a relatively long life and a beautiful appearance. There are lubricating nozzles at the front and rear ends near the bearing for easy filling of lubricating oil.

ABB motor brand introduction

Advantages of Abb Motors
1. It can operate stably in the area that is prone to an explosion in the factory

2. Wider application range, standard dual-bandwidth voltage design

3. The shell is made of high mechanical strength materials and uses a fully enclosed air-cooled structure, which is safe and reliable.

4. The selected cast iron material is of high quality, and reasonable maintenance can prolong the service life of the motor

5. Better energy-saving effect

6. Wide voltage, up to 690V, can be applied to 50Hz and 60Hz power grid

7. Adopt imported insulating materials with the latest technology, which can reach F-class insulation (B-class-80K temperature rise), and the winding life is longer

8. The bearing has a high bearing capacity, and the motor can maintain a long life after being resistant to environmental corrosion.

9. Overall lower noise level.

At present, abb has a lot of OEMs in China, and there are many problems. Many people want to find a replacement motor. In fact, abb is not completely irreplaceable. There are many domestic and foreign brands producing Abb motors, as long as you verify the corresponding technical indicators and installation dimensions, and choose according to the corresponding specifications.