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abb motors

  1. ABB motor brand introduction

    ABB motor brand introduction

    ABB motors are Swiss brands
    ABB Group, a Swiss brand, is one of the world's top 500 companies and enjoys a good reputation the world. It has thousands of companies in more than 100 countries and involves many industries, such as manufacturing, processing, consumer goods, public utilities, oil, and gas, etc. Its China branch factory is located in Shanghai. Its two cores are power technology and automation technology. ABB has 23 branches, sales offices in China, and 27 joint ventures and wholly-owned companies, with more than 6,500 employees in China alone. The main business in China: a complete series of power transformers and distribution transformers, high, medium, and low voltage switches, electrical drive systems, and motors.

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  2. ABB: Trends in the mining industry

    ABB: Trends in the mining industry

    Max Luedtke, ABB’s global head of mining, predicts that four trends – remote operations and commissioning, health and safety, collaboration, and decarbonization – will be at the top of the agenda for many mining companies, OEMs, and service providers in 2022. These trends are based on electrification, digitization, and

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  3. ABB palletizing robot

    ABB palletizing robot

    With the rapid development of industrial automation technology, palletizing robots have become an important symbol of automated production in enterprises, especially in simple and heavy jobs such as packaging, handling, and logistics, which require a large amount of labor. 

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  4. ABB's new product--smart sensor for measuring motor status

     ABB's new product--smart sensor for measuring motor status

    HDS series permanent magnet AC synchronous servo motor is a high-performance, cost-effective general-purpose servo motor developed and launched by ABB for the Chinese market. It has the characteristics of high torque density, high response, and high stability, and can meet precise motion and position control. This servo

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  5. Digitization brings intelligence to machines

    Digitization brings intelligence to machines

    “ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors can be installed on any brand of low-voltage motor, providing predictive maintenance of the motor,” adds Heikki Vepsalainen, “However, ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors optimize ABB motors.”

    After a century of development, ABB motors have integrated the manufacturing technology of motors into the essence of ABB Ability™ smart sensors. Only the perfect combination of ABB motors and ABB smart sensors can create ABB smart motors.

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  6. ABB Motors: Driving compressors with digital intelligence

    ABB Motors: Driving compressors with digital intelligence

    With the development of information technology, the needs of customers are constantly escalating, and ABB's requirements for itself are also increasing. For example, with the rise of the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things, the compressor industry has blown up the wind of "building a digital factory and building an intelligent air compressor". 

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  7. ABB Motor Repair Service

    ABB Motor Repair Service

    Whatever your needs, ABB is committed to providing a full range of services to ensure the reliable operation of your equipment.

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  8. ABB motor maintenance precautions

    ABB motor maintenance precautions

    We need to maintain the motor in the process of using the motor. When maintaining the ABB motor, we must pay attention to environmental protection, and do not remove the motor coil by burning it.

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  9. The lifeblood of the motor--copper

    The lifeblood of the motor--copper

    Copper has particularly excellent electrical conductivity, which is why it is widely used in the supply and use of electricity. The application of copper in the motor field is of great significance to improve the energy efficiency of the motor. As a successful case of copper application in the field of high-efficiency motors, cast copper rotor motors have the

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  10. Motor Design Solution Supplier--ABB Motors

    Motor Design Solution Supplier--ABB Motors

    And there is such a special type of motor, which serves inflammable and explosive hazardous areas such as petroleum, natural gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc., and minimizes costs, improves project progress, and minimizes risks.

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