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abb switches

  1. Smart Home Open Platform

    Smart Home Open Platform

    Looking back on ABB's development in the Chinese market, ABB's electrical business unit has achieved a comprehensive coverage of all-round business from R&D, manufacturing and sales to engineering services, and has continuously pursued in terms of quality, technology, production efficiency and new product development. Zou Enchang introduced that ABB hopes to launch more intelligent building control products that meet the needs of the Chinese market in accordance with China's consumption habits and aesthetic needs. For ABB, after years of investment, the localization of production and technology has been achieved, and it will further increase investment in technology in the future. China has become one of the important bases for global R&D and manufacturing of ABB's smart building electrical products.

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  2. Xiamen ABB Switchgear Co., Ltd

    Xiamen ABB Switchgear Co., Ltd.

    Xiamen ABB Switchgear Co., Ltd. (referred to as "the company") has been focusing on the field of medium voltage switches since its establishment in 1992, providing customized products and solutions according to the different needs of customers.

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