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M3AA 3-Phase metric IEC frame motor 5.5/7.5KW 132M 4 3GAA132612-ADJ+332 IE3

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IEC Low Voltage AC Motors Process Performance Motors IE3 Premium Efficiency Aluminum Motors

Four properties set ABB Process performance motors apart: their efficiency, reliability, use of leading-edge technology, and the virtually limitless options they provide for customization.

Process performance motors fulfill all international and national energy efficiency - both now and in the future. Designed for most demanding environments and applications Designed to last - award winning product range Prepared to answer any reliability, availability and energy efficiency challenge - now and tomorrow Full monitoring availability 3 years ABB manufacturers warranty

M3AA aluminum motors M3AA aluminum motors

Applications: Pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, and other general purpose three phase applications requiring IEC metric B3 base mount replacements. Features: ABB Process Performance (severe duty) IP55 construction. Choice of aluminum (-AP) or cast iron (-PP) frame and endplates. MM catalog motors have IE2 efficiency; EMM catalog motors have IE3 efficiency per IEC 60034-30; Motors for use in USA are marked with DOE compliance number for use on 460 volt, 60 Hz; 6 post terminal block; Class F insulated motors with Class temperature limits; 1.0 service factor; all cast iron motors & aluminum 160-250 frames have PTC thermistors (3 in series),150C in stator winding. Inverter ready: frames 63-250, 230-400V, 50 Hz and 460V, 60 Hz, 2:1CT, 20:1VT.

M3AA aluminum motors

Motor type and frame sizes M3AA 64 to 280 Output power 0.12 to 90 kW Efficiency class IE2

M3AA aluminum motors

Squirrel cage induction motors offer excellent availability, reliability and efficiency. With a frequency converter a variable speed drive (VSD) the motor will deliver even better value. A variable speed drive motor can be started softly with low starting current, and the speed can be controlled and adjusted to suit the application demand without steps over a wide range. Also the use of a frequency converter together with a squirrel cage motor usually leads to remarkable energy and environmental savings. However, all motors are not suitable for variable speed drive. There are several points that have to be taken into account in the design and selection of the motor, if it is intended for variable speed operation. Within the General purpose motor range ABB offers motors designed for both Direct On Line (DOL) and variable speed applications.

M3AA aluminum motors M3AA aluminum motors

ABB IE2 Motors - Aluminium. M3AA 64 to 280; 0.12 to 90 kW. M2AA 56 to 250; 0.06 to 55 kW. Two types of ABB motors are available for standard ac aluminium

ABB is one of only a handful of leading motor manufacturers in Europe to have a motor range to meet or exceed the minimum efficiencies stated in the highest level of the EU agreement of LV motors. These efficiency levels apply to 2- and 4-pole, three phase squirrel cage induction motors rated for 400V, 50 Hz with S1 duty class with the output 1.1 to 90 kW, which account for the largest volume on the market.

M3AA aluminum motors M3AA aluminum motors

Motor type M3AA 112 MB Pole number 4 Mounting arrangement (IM-code) IM B3 (IM 1001) Rated output 5.5 kW Product code 3GAA 112002-ACD Variant codes if needed. Code letters for supplementing the product code - single speed motors Code letter for voltage and frequency Direct start or, with connection, alsostart

M3AA aluminum motors M3AA aluminum motors

Totally enclosed motor with Aluminum stator frame, Reliable duty for most challenges ABB's aluminum IE3 motors are based on the robust and proven induction platform. The mechanical de- sign concept offers many options that meet cus- tomers' needs and ensure reliable operation. These motors are reliable during continuous opera- tion due to the low operating temperature of the motor.

Product offering Aluminum motors in sizes 80 to 250 in the K-genera- tion range are designed to meet the CENECLEC standards for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz. The motors are CE-marked and have cUL safety cer- tifications and comply with efficiency requirements in Europe, Australia, China, the US and Canada.

M3AA aluminum motors

ABB Process Performance (severe duty) IP55 construction. Choice of aluminum (-AP) or cast iron (-PP) frame and endplates.

ABB General purpose motor is designed for use in general industry, meeting the demands of standard applications for OEM's. Motors are readily available from central stock locations and distributors around the world. The motors have high build quality, are available with all the features needed by the OEM market and can be modified to meet most specifications.

M3AA aluminum motors M3AA aluminum motors

Advantages of the aluminum range Aluminum motors are low in weight and have smooth surfaces and good corrosion resistance in acidic environments, which makes them ideal for the transport, food and beverage, marine and HVAC segments, as well as high-vibration applications. They are also perfect for serial OEM business for easy installation.

M3AA aluminum motors M3AA aluminum motors

Low Voltage General Purpose Motors Aluminium motor section For more demanding applications the use of ABB Process performance motors is recommended. M3AA 250 SMB 2-pole, high output version, as well as M3AA 280 2-pole have cast iron feet and bearing shields. The flange bearing shields of sizes 180 to 280 are made of cast iron. For two-speed motors, the values are to be based on the higher speed. The permissible loads of simultane- ous radial and axial forces will be supplied on request. Given axial forces F AD , assumes D-bearing locked by means of locking ring.

M3AA aluminum motors M3AA aluminum motors

Code letters for supplementing the product code - two-speed motors Code letter for voltage and frequency Motor size A S B D H E X 56-100 - 220-230 V - 380-400 V 400-415 V 500 V 112-132 - 220-230 V - 380-400 V 400-415 V 500 V 160-280 220 V 230 V 380 V 400 V 415 V 500 V Other rated voltage or frequency, 690 V maximum

More Information
Type M3AA
Voltage Class Low Voltage < 690V
Feature General Purpose
Motor Rotor Type 3-Phase squirrel cage motor
Enclosure Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
IE Class IE3
Motor Power (KW) 5.5/7.5 KW
Number of Poles 4
IP Rating IP55
Mounting Position IM B3
Frame Type IEC
Frame Size 132M
Housing Material Cast Iron
Insulation Class F
Catalogue Download M3AA Motors

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