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QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor 0.18 KW 71M6A 6P QAEJ073301-HDA

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Founded in December 1995, ABB Shanghai Motors Co. Ltd, belongs to ABB Group. one of the world's Top 500 Corporations, and specializes in manufacturing and marketing low voltage AC 3-phase asynchronous motors of frame size from71 to 355. The company offers a wide range of IEC Standard motors to meet the demands of vanous industries, including Standard Motors, Frequency Conversion Motors, Maine Motors. Flameproof Motors, Smoke Venting Motors, Multi-speed Motors, QA Motors, Brake Motors, Outdoor Environment Motors, Non-sparking Motors. Cast Aluminum Motors, and Motors for Glass Machinery. together with specially customized motors as per Customers demands and meeting customers' stringent requirements. In addtion, the company can supply a broad range of motors with various insulaton classes, which can meet vanious voltage and frequency requirements. The company major OEM customers are leaders in HVAC, crane, pump. gearbox, machine tool, textile, glass, marine, power plant audiary equipment, circuit board, etc. And its projects cover. power plant, pulp and paper, PEC, metal, marine, port, building. cement, airport, etc. Forty-fve percent of its motors are currenty exported abroad, mainly to the European market As the first smal-medum motor manufacturer with ISO9001 Certification and ISO14001 Certification in China,

QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor

0.37kw 71M2A 071301-**A 2780rpm 0.55kw 71M2B 071302-**A 2785rpm 0.75kw 80M2A 081301-**A 2840rpm 1.1kw 80M2B 081302-**A 2855rpm 1.5kw 90S2A 091101-**A 2850rpm 2.2kw 90L2A 091501-**A 2850rpm 3kw 100L2A 101501-**A 2860rpm 4kw 112M2A 111301-**A 2875rpm 5.5kw 132S2A 131101-**A 2905rpm 7.5kw 132S2B 131102-**A 2910rpm 11kw 160M2A 161301-**A 2920rpm 15kw 160M2B 161302-**A 2920rpm

QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor

Conditions of Operation * An atitude should not be over 1,000 meters above sea level. * An ambient termperature not exceeding+40C. Voltage, Frequency And Duty * Voltage Rated frequency. Power 3kW and low. 220- 240V 1 380 ~ 420V 50Hz Power Over 3kW: 380~ 420V 1 660~ 690V 50Hz * Duty continuos (S1) * Insulation class: F

QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor

18.5kw 160L2A 161501-**A 2920rpm 22kw 180M2A 181301-**A 2940rpm 30kw 200L2A 201501-**A 2955rpm 37kw 200L2B 201502-**A 2955rpm 45kw 225M2A 221301-**A 2970rpm 0.25kw 71M4A 072301-**A 1395rpm 0.37kw 71M4B 072302-**A 1395rpm 0.55kw 80M4A 082301-**A 1410rpm 0.75kw 80M4B 082302-**A 1415rpm 1.1kw 90S4A 092101-**A 1395rpm 1.5kw 90L4A 092501-**A 1400rpm 2.2kw 100L4A 102501-**A 1430rpm 3kw 100L4B 102502-**A 1425rpm 4kw 112M4A 112301-**A 1435rpm

QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor

MQAEJ/QAEJ Series Electromagnetic Brake Three-phase Induction Motors (H71-H225) Strucualy derved fom M2OA sernes motors, MOAEJOAEJ series electromagnelic brake three-phase induction motors are designed with an addtional electromagnetic brake. These motors are suitable in areas where requrements of deenergized brake and position are needed. MQAEJ/QAEJ motors are frequenty used in wood processing machineries, gear reducers, machine tools, ight industrial machinery. textle machinery, chemical and construclon Industry. etc.

QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor

5.5kw 132S4A 132101-**A 1435rpm 7.5kw 132M4A 132301-**A 1440rpm 11kw 160M4A 162301-**A 1460rpm 15kw 160L4A 162501-**A 1455rpm 18.5kw 180M4A 182301-**A 1470rpm 22kw 180L4A 182501-**A 1470rpm 30kw 200L4A 202501-**A 1475rpm 37kw 225S4A 222101-**A 1480rpm 45kw 225M4A 222301-**A 1480rpm 0.18kw 71M6A 073301-**A 885rpm 0.25kw 71M6B 073302-**A 885rpm 0.37kw 80M6A 083301-**A 930rpm 0.55kw 80M6B 083302-**A 925rpm 0.75kw 90S6A 093101-**A 920rpm 1.1kw 90L6A 093501-**A 920rpm 1.5kw 100L6A 103501-**A 940rpm 2.2kw 112M6A 113301-**A 940rpm 3kw 132S6A 133101-**A 945rpm 4kw 132M6A 133301-**A 950rpm 5.5kw 132M6B 133302-**A 950rpm 7.5kw 160M6A 163301-**A 960rpm

QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor

* Construction and Principle The DC disk- brake of the MQAE, QAEJ series motors is mounted on the endshield at the nondrve end. The principle for the brake is when power is on, the electromagnetic brake starts up. By the action of electromagnetic force, the iron core atracts the armature and compresses the spring. when the brake disk is separated from the armature and endshield, the motor begins to run. When power is off, the iron core of the brake loses electromagnetic force, when the armature is pulled by the spring to compress the brake disk, the motor is stopped at once by the moment of fraction. * Terminal boxes Terminal boxes are mounted either on the top, or on either side of the motor, The terminal box of motors sizes 71 to 132 can be turned4x 90* and in motors sizes 160 to 225 rotated 2 x 180*. To enable the supply of suitable terminations for the motor, please state cable type, quantty and size when ordering. * Polished outward appearance The external design of the motors is consistent with the design of the ABB "M2000* family. The frame, cooling ribs, terminal box and fan cover have been reshaped to meet customers design preference.

QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor

11kw 160L6A 163501-**A 970rpm 15kw 180L6A 183501-**A 975rpm 18.5kw 200L6A 203501-**A 980rpm 22kw 200L6B 203502-**A 980rpm 30kw 225M6A 223301-**A 985rpm 0.18kw 80M8A 084301-**A 700rpm 0.25kw 80M8B 084302-**A 700rpm 0.37kw 90S8A 094101-**A 700rpm 0.55kw 90L8A 094501-**A 700rpm 0.75kw 100L8A 104501-**A 690rpm 1.1kw 100L8B 104502-**A 675rpm 1.5kw 112M8A 114301-**A 695rpm 2.2kw 132S8A 134101-**A 710rpm 3kw 132M8A 134301-**A 710rpm 4kw 160M8A 164301-**A 720rpm 5.5kw 160M8B 164302-**A 720rpm 7.5kw 160L8A 164501-**A 720rpm 11kw 180L8A 184501-**A 730rpm 15kw 200L8A 204501-**A 730rpm 18.5kw 225S8A 224101-**A 735rpm 22kw 225M8A 224301-**A 735rpm

QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor

* Muninmum Noise and Vibration levels Careful attention to design and manufacturing details has allowed International Standards to be comfortably met. * Maximum Degrees of Protection All ABB motors are protected to IP55 as a minimum. Higher levels of protection are available on request. * Class F insulation offers greater reliability and security. Standard motors have Class F insulation, with a Class B temperature rise to offer more reliability and security in operation, through increased thermal margins. * High Eflclency MQAEJ, QAEJ motors are designed for high fflciency and low temperature rise giving a long service life and reduced running costs.

QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor QAEJ brake motor three phase induction AC electric motor
More Information
Voltage Class Low Voltage < 690V
Feature With Electromagnetic Brake
Motor Rotor Type 3-Phase squirrel cage motor
Enclosure Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
IE Class IE2
Motor Power (KW) 0.18 KW
Number of Poles 6
IP Rating IP55
Mounting Position IM B35
Frame Type IEC
Frame Size 71M6A
Housing Material Cast Iron
Insulation Class F
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